METAL sarmad June 23, 2022

Approximately 5000 years BC, it was the first time when the ancient man first explored and then began to use those native metals. Later on over the next 2000 years approximately, as man reached up to the Bronze age, he mastered the talent of finding, manipulating and using these metals in more improvised ways as compared to the previous. Ideally there were eight metals utilized in ages of antiquity namely gold, copper,silver, iron, zinc, lead, mercuryand tin (which when combined with copper was a prelude to the Bronze Age).


TEVTA in its core realizes the contribution of engineering to every segment of society,
thus extends its diverse facilitation to all stakeholders of manufacturing industry through its Service Centres at Gujranwala, Sialkot & Mian Channu. Our Service Centres provide industrial exposure to its trainees in advanced Hi-Tech courses through state of the art machinery with highly qualified staff.

Our Service Centres at Gujranwala & Sialkot are recognized for rendering most advanced common facility services for SMEs. Our Service Centres are well known for its widest range of engineering solutions from product designing to its manufacturing. Our another Service Centre at Sialkot has been recently established for Surgical Sector and is the only institute in Punjab to provide training for the highly demanded Surgical Industry.

Special Training Programs
Common Facility Services
Skill Corridor
PVD Coating Machine

Also known as thin film coating, the pvd coating is a process which alows the operator to vaporize solid material in a vacuum and its deposition on the surface and produces marvellous decorative and functional finish. TEVTA engages its candidates to practice such mechanisms on live machinery to enhance expertise.

Tools, Die & Mold Making

Tools and Dies core essentials in the manufacturing industry which indulge in shaping processes and massive production with uniformity whereas mold making is a complex process of injecting molding such as with casting molten metal. Also used in creation of multi dimensional shapes. Students will be given complete proficiency to use these techniques with absolute understanding.

Non-Conventional Machining

In the realm of Mechanical Engineering, Non-Conventional Machining is one of the most important terms. The Non-Conventional Machining overcomes the various shortcomings of traditional machining, and used to cut hard materials to produce different complex shapes with high material removal rate, high precision and high accuracy.

Spark Erosion Machine

These machines are used to process hard or difficult to process materials for making shapes which are otherwise difficult or almost impossible to create with conventional machining. Our Service centers are highly equipped in providing such complex training with practicals to achieve desired knowledge in the field.

Gear Cutting and Surface Grinding

In order to provide quality gear shaping and grinding services, a company is required to hire trained staff with know-how of advanced technologies to produce the perfectly finished products. Students will learn the various processes of gear cutting and acquire the skill of surface grinding which involves machine finishing process to produce finely finished surfaces of components.

Laser Welding and Marking of Surgical Instruments

There are many types of Laser Welding which is one of the most advanced methods for welding. TEVTA trains its students to be adept at joining together metal pieces using high beams of laser as well as marking high quality barcodes, serial numbers or logos on surgical instruments using laser.

Heat Treatment of Surgical & Cutlery items

Allowing explicit learning to trainees in the Heat treatment process which involves the heating and cooling of metals using immense temperatures to modify their existing structure to more desirable forms; for instance, certain heat treatments can harden the metal, reduce its fragility or eradicate impurities.

CNC Machining

With rapid growth in the industrial sector, the operating of CNC machines are a compulsion. This machine is run by a computer that also monitors, controls and automates the movement of an industrial machine. At our service centers, the experts are resolved to train you with such modern equipments.

Centerless Grinding Machine

To operate a centerless grinding machine is also a skill which the operator should have a mastery on. It involves holding a workpiece between two grinding wheels which rotate in same direction but different speed and the workpiece has to be manually positioned between the wheels so that the operator must be a professional to achieve adequacy and TEVTA service centers garners such professionals.